Levity is Effortless Clarity

Levity is a Bozeman-based architectural photography company, founded by myself, Andrew O’Neill.

After innovating for nearly a decade in the architectural photography world, and helping build the monolithic Clarity Northwest photography company in Seattle, I made the move back to my home in Bozeman.

I built Levity to reflect a step-change in my business philosophy. Surrounded by spreadsheets and intangible financial goals in my past life, it was too easy for me to lose sight of the things I was actually working for. Every photographer I know produces their best work when they are having funWith Levity, I am having fun again.

My ongoing goal with Levity is to provide my clients with a dependable photography experience that feels effortless, with the expectation that we at Levity will produce genuinely beautiful imagery that looks effortless.